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Q: anon could be part of a median system?

In dissociative terminology, that is DDNOS-1. DDNOS/OSDD is the term that describes all dissociative disorders that don’t quite fit the criteria for the other dissociative disorders. DDNOS-1 is often used to describe an experience similar to DID but lacking memory alteration, clearly differentiated alters, or alters that are capable of taking over and controlling the body.

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Q: I'm not sure if I have did, I mean like I get many different voices in my head with many different ways of thinking and they even have conversations with each other and me and sometimes I feel as if I'm watching myself yet I'm also in my body moving it but not controlling it, like I know what's going on but it's not really me there. My eyes also move by themselves when on of the voices gets mad if that makes sense. ?

I can’t diagnose you. However, it does sound like you have some type of dissociative disorder, and it could be DID or DDNOS-1 (the second is more likely if you experience no memory alterations). Experiencing internal voices as being unique individuals that are capable of controlling your body is indicative of these disorders, yes. If you’re concerned by this, I suggest that you ask your therapist for their input or see if anyone in your vicinity has experience diagnosing dissociative disorders.

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12:03 am - Thu, Sep 4, 2014
Q: (part 1) hello! i've been having a lot of trouble, lately, with feeling detached from myself, and though i don't think it can be DID it feels a lot like i'm not alone in my head. i have always thought of changes in my behavior as severe mood swings, but the different moods have started to take on names and voices of their own in my head. they are still parts of me, and i don't lose time or memories, but it can feel very strange, frustrating and confusing.

(part 2) do you think i might have DDNOS or something like it, or is this just the result of emotional issues and an overactive imagination? i have friends with DID and DDNOS and i feel really bad / stupid worrying about this, because i’m sure it’s just part of being a volatile person, but sometimes the other ‘parts’ of me really want ‘out’ and i don’t know what that means or what i should do.

(part 3) i want to be able to name these parts of myself and let them talk to people as they / i want, but they aren’t separate enough that doing so would feel right or normal? i don’t know if that makes sense! anyway i’m a little scared because i keep having thoughts of self-harm that are definitely unreasonable and out of the blue, it feels like the emotions there are too detached to be mine 100%. sorry for the long ask chain and hope you’re doing well!

While I can’t diagnose you, I can say that what you’re describing seems similar to what might be experienced by someone with DDNOS-1. However, I would be slightly worried if you were having no trouble with depersonalization or identity confusion until you’d already spent a long time with friends who have DID and DDNOS. While someone can certainly not recognize symptoms within themself until they see them displayed in others, and while it is possible for symptoms to only worsen to the point of being noticeable or not visibly emerge until one is around others with the same disorder, those who are suggestible to a certain degree might find themself internalizing or mimicking dissociative friends’ symptoms without realizing it. I don’t know enough about you and your situation to guess whether or not you do or don’t have DDNOS yourself, and I’m hesitant to advise you to explore your parts until it’s been confirmed to some degree that doing so wouldn’t be worsening dissociation and identity confusion that only arose as a response to seeing the same in others.

I highly suggest seeing a professional and asking for their input and assistance, especially if this is causing urges to self harm. No matter what the reason is for your symptoms, you deserve help with and support for them. If you find that either acknowledging or ignoring the parts of you improves your symptoms, that may be what you wish to continue doing regardless of possible diagnosis until you have enough support and are in a better place mentally. Try not to become too stressed over the objective reason for what you’re experiencing. If you can’t obtain a professional diagnosis but come to feel that DDNOS best describes your experiences, you might want to react in ways that assume that you do have semi-differentiated parts but that seem helpful for you. That is to say, if you become convinced that your parts are separate to a substantial degree and allowing them to claim an identity and communicate with others is what seems like the best option for the whole of you, that’s a valid option! As a compromise, you might find journaling to be extremely helpful as it would allow all parts of you to be heard while allowing you to get a better feel for your degree of fragmentation.

I hope that this helps.

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11:22 pm - Wed, Sep 3, 2014
Q: hi! so there was a time during the summer of 2013 where i began switching between alters. it came on very suddenly and i worked through it with hypnotherapy and after a particularly grueling session it stopped. i have no history of abuse or genetic disposition (that I know of). I also suffer with dissociative symptoms, psychotic symptoms, depression, hypomania, and anxiety. i've only been diagnosed with depression and Mood Disorder NOS. thoughts?

I’m sorry, but I can’t diagnose you over the internet, much less with the information given in this ask. If you’re really curious as to what you were experiencing, I’d bring it up with your present therapist, especially if you’re still treated by the same therapist who worked with you during that period of time. I will say that it’s entirely possible that what experienced was not associated with DID or even DDNOS, but it very well might have been, and I can’t definitively say what was or was not behind it. If this is really bothering you, you’ll need to ask a professional for their input.

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Q: That anon that lost (part2), I've resend it. I have it in my draft. Hm, I think he meant that the thing is that person doesn't like being real and hates how rich his inner world is because... It's not real? I dunno. I know he remembered his life inside more than I do, I guess it bug him? His life is still ongoing, not like he lost everything... I wish I can help more but I don't really know, sorry! I don't know what he wants either.

Oh, okay. I think that I understand better now. I don’t have any suggestions now that I didn’t before, though. Concentrating on the outside world and forming as many new connections and happy memories as possible might do wonders, and finding a sympathetic friend is always helpful. I hope that it does work out well for him.

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12:39 am - Thu, Aug 28, 2014
Q: (part1) Is there any way to un-real an alter? One of mine wanted to ask this, but since he's not here, thought I'd ask since it bothered him. Basically he hates feeling how real he is, and how he would remember his life inside, missing people he'd known, wanting to go back home, having memories that never happened... But he knew it was wrong, his life, his existence. And would rather not be here anymore. And is feeling conflicted about it. His existence, his world, is wrong, but there are things

(part3) ..when they’re not technically dead?

We never received the second part of this ask; you might want to resend it.

Without knowing more about the situation, I can’t offer any good alternate routes to take, but I can say with certainty that you can’t cause an alter to stop existing. Some systems may have had success in creating such rich inner worlds that some alters can spend long stretches of time inside, but my own inner world is largely available only to those who need it, and I have no advice as to how such a thing might be possible. Regardless, that might be an option if you do still have a functioning inner world. Otherwise, integration is the only way to truly get rid of an alter, but that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for!

Really, all that I can say is to allow your alter to make as many new happy memories in the real world as they can. If they can form relationships and attachments out here, they may feel less upset about what they’ve lost inside. Other than that, the opportunity to talk about what they’re missing with others who can lend a sympathetic ear might be helpful, though concentrating on the loss to the exclusion of all else can’t be healthy.

I hope that things improve for the both of you soon. Maybe our followers can be more help?

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3:30 am - Tue, Aug 26, 2014
Q: Do you guys have an instagram?

If we do, I’m not aware of it! One of the other mods may not be averse to the idea of creating one, however.

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Q: Can the host (actual owner of the body) be awake or while in the mind place still watch what the alters are doing? The host realizing everything the alters do but can't do anything about it and eventually forgets ?

Yes. This is known as co-consciousness without the ability to co-front and is a fairly common phenomena in DID, though the degree to which the host can later recall what their alters did may vary from system to system or even within systems.

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11:05 pm - Mon, Aug 25, 2014
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Q: When a person switches can the other personality take there place, like they play along to make everything seem normal yet they aren't really themselves?

Yes, of course. DID is a disorder that by its very nature is meant to remain hidden. A vital part of this is alters doing their utmost to present as would the most dominant and frequently seen personality. There are always those who fail to mimic their host as well as would be desired, but there are many who escape detection for decades even once the disorder has become known to all inside. Often, there are multiple fronting, hosting, or Apparently Normal Parts that can switch among themselves without any outsider noticing the change.

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Q: Just curious. Do alters need to eat or go to the bathroom in the mind place? Do they get sick or anything? I want to ask my friend who has DID but I don't want to make any of them feel awkward.

I would assume that it depends on the system. Some systems have highly intricate headspaces, but others don’t have an inner world at all, and anything between those two options is possible. Even more developed inner worlds may still not function exactly like the real world and so not require such things.

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